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Are mou boots waterproof?
Mou boots are water resistant and fine to wear in light snow and light rain showers, but they are not waterproof. Please try to avoid walking through puddles and dust off snow, rather than leaving it to melt. If you decide to spray your boots before use, please use a recommended brand of suede protection spray and shake well before use.

How can I care for the materials in my mou products?
Calfskin, Antelope, Goatskin:
Using a bristle comb (or horsebrush), brush along the nap. For heavy soiling use mild shampoo sparingly with warm water and a damp sponge. Wipe down, rinse and repeat with clean water. Towel dry and air-dry naturally.

Using a damp sponge with mild soap and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly. Repeat damp sponge with cold clean water and dry naturally.

Suede/ Double-face sheepskin:
You may like to spray double-face sheepskin boots before first wear by spraying with a silicon suede protector - please shake well before use. Maintain by brushing with a clean soft brush.

Possum Fur:
Hand or delicate machine wash with mild soap and lukewarm water, followed by cold rinse. Gently squeeze out excess water, and stretch flat to dry.



Where can I find information about the correspondence of sizes?
All the international size conversions are available in the Size Guide. The size quoted on the product sheets is the size indicated on the article by the designer.

May I have additional information about the fit?
Our stylists indicate on the product sheets special fits that have arisen from shooting photographs or which are indicated directly by the manufacturer.
For the products in which this specification does not appear, we recommend that you buy your usual size, consulting the international conversions in our Size Guide if necessary.

I have seen an article that I like but I cannot find my size. Could it possibly be available shortly?
The available sizes of an article are all published in Mou. Sometimes the product is replenished during the course of the season: we recommend that you register and put aside the article on your Whishlist, which will make it easy for you to check its availability.

my order


From where can I see all the details of all my orders?
In the Account section, it is possible to refer to all the details of orders in progress and past orders.

May I change the data of an order that has just been concluded?
It is impossible to make changes to a concluded order or to incorporate several orders in one single consignment.

May I change the delivery address of an order in progress?
For security reasons, we cannot alter the address indicated for the package’s delivery.



Do you accept prepaid credit cards?
Yes, we accept prepaid credit cards that operate on Visa and Mastercard circuits.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card?
It is perfectly safe to pay with a credit card because the communications between our website and the bank are coded and cannot be traced by third parties.

If I leave my card’s data in storage can they be used by third parties?
No, our dealers cannot display your data in any way. Furthermore, it is possible at any time to cancel the data left in storage by entering your own account.

What forms of payment are allowed?
Credit cards are the accepted form of payment.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Moneta, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa / Electron, JCB, CUP, Diners.

May I pay with Paypal?
Yes, we accept payments from your Paypal account.

carriage and delivery


What are the carriage charges?
For every dispatch, the following carriage charges are debited:
Italy: € 8,90
U.K.: £ 8,00
European Community Countries: € 19,00

Russia: € 65,00

US & Canada: free

For other countries click here for details.

If I buy several articles in an order, do the carriage charges increase?
No,the price is always the same.

Local taxes
The sales price includes VAT.
Outside the European Community, customs and local taxes can be debited to the purchaser.

What are the average delivery times?
The standard delivery is expedited within 2-5 working days for all European Community countries.
For other Countries, it is necessary to track the delivery.

May I check the tracking of my order?
Information about the delivery is available on the website.
For deliveries outside Italy, the information is provided by DPD for Europe and DHL for extra-CEE
For deliveries in Italy, the information is provided by Bartolini Corriere Espresso.

May I choose the delivery time?
All the delivery procedures are indicated on the internet website of the forwarding agent to whom we have assigned the ordered product.

May I change the delivery address of my order?
It is impossible to alter the address once the order has been concluded.

returns and reimbursement


How much time do I have to return the merchandise?
You can return the merchandise within 14 working days from the delivery of the package to your home.
For the exact procedure, you can consult the return information section.
In order to activate the return procedure, just access your Account and click on ‘return’.

May I change a purchased article?
If you are dissatisfied with a purchased article, you can activate the return procedure, as explained in the Return Information.
It's only possible to replace the article with another one of different size.

If I throw the tags away can I return anyway?
The presence of intact tags is essential for the acceptance of your return. Therefore, we recommend that you do not throw them away or detach them from the article, leaving the seal intact.

Is the return always free of charge?
No, it isn't.
The transport cost is chargeable to the subject who returns the article.
For the return and reimbursement procedures, consult the Return Information page.

What are the reimbursement times and procedures?
From the day in which we receive the return care of our warehouses and carry out the quality check on the article, we proceed with activating the reimbursement practice.
Reimbursement times through the credit card’s issuer are quick but it does not depend on us.
In order to have information on the reimbursement practice that has already been commenced, you can contact us.

newsletter and contacts


How can I cancel the Newsletter?
If you no longer wish to receive fashion and special promotions news directly in your post box, you can cancel in two ways:
- by clicking on “Unsubscribe” in one of the Newsletters you have received;
- by accessing your profile in the Account section and ticking the box concerning the Newsletter’s reception.

How may I contact you?
You can contact us from contact us page.